Peace, Love & Pomegranate Holiday Salad

Peace, Love & Pomegranate Holiday Salad recipe | The Kitchen Girl

  Peace, Love & Pomegranate… They’re everywhere you turn right now. ‘Tis the season! We see them at the grocery store, on TV, and all over the internet. We know how to do Peace and Love, but do we know what to do with this antioxidant-rich super-fruit called Pomegranate? Here in Northern California, the season starts […]

Vegetarian Coconut Chickpea Curry

Coconut Chickpea Curry | The Kitchen Girl recipe blog

I’m not a full-time vegetarian, but I love to create and test recipes using little or no animal products. I’m always looking for healthy home runs to add to my collection and share with you. And as you know, I also don’t post my recipes to the blog unless I’m in love with them…and they’re easy […]

2 Easy Holiday Party Dips

White Bean Artichoke Spread - super easy, comes together in a snap | Recipe at The Kitchen Girl

  Thanksgiving is so close we can almost taste it. It’s my favorite holiday of the year for a million reasons. If you need to innovate some holiday party hors d’oeuvres at the last minute, I wanted to share two of my super-simple dips with you. I actually eat them year-round. These lovelies take very little time […]

Is Your Kitchen Ready For Cooking Season?

Is your kitchen ready for cooking season | The Kitchen Girl blog

Boom! Cooking season is here and the holidays are knocking. Is your kitchen ready?   A few weeks ago, Jeff and I tackled some looooong overdue kitchen cleaning tasks. We emptied drawers and cabinets. We purged, cleaned, and organized our tools and dry storage ingredients. We inventoried our cookware, donated a few things, and made a […]

For The Love Of Chicken Tortilla Soup

For The Love of Chicken Tortilla Soup | The Kitchen Girl Recipe

  Last winter, I wrote a recipe for Chicken Tortilla Soup and posted it to the blog. A few readers told me they really loved it, and I’m always so excited to hear from my readers. You continue to inspire and motivate me…and I’m so thankful for you.   Now that cooking season has arrived, I started […]

Chicken Penne in Sun-dried Tomato Vodka Cream Sauce

30-Minute Chicken Penne in Sun-dried Tomato Vodka Cream Sauce | The Kitchen Girl_11

The leaves are changing, it’s cooling down, and I’m on a comfort food kick. And how about that World Series?!?! Wow…I’m so proud of both teams!   For Game 7, I wanted to create a pasta dish with ingredients I had on hand, but I wanted it to be unique. Vodka came to mind. I’ve also kind of […]

White Cheddar Beer Brat Chowder

White Cheddar Beer Brat Chowder Recipe | The Kitchen Girl_03

The 2014 World Series is in full swing and my White Cheddar Beer Brat Chowder is the food for the mood. I wrote this recipe to commemorate the start of the Series…aaaaand I love any excuse to make a pot of creamy chowder. Also, I rarely eat bratwurst and wanted to create a recipe that would really […]

Serrano Spiced Fig Jam

Sweet and Spicy Fig Jam | The Kitchen Girl

  Our neighbors have a luscious fig tree. I see it when I stand over my kitchen sink…and my mouth waters a lot for those few months in mid-late summer. They usually pull every fig and make crazy amounts of chutneys and jams for canning. Recently, we noticed many figs still hanging because they were traveling at […]

Creamy One Pot Italian Vegetable Pasta

Creamy One Pot Italian Vegetable Pasta | The Kitchen Girl

  My first inspiration for the one-pot pasta came from my mom early this summer. She took a fall and fractured her shoulder. Fortunately, she didn’t require surgery, and has since fully recovered (whew!). But she had to work for it through physical therapy and, of course, endured some pain along the way. What really […]

Very Vegetarian Nachos

Very Vegetarian Nachos made with Mexican Brown Rice | The Kitchen Girl #healthy #meatless

  This special blog post is dedicated to my new friends Vickie and Larissa over at Vegetarian Zen website. They broadcast a free, weekly podcast “for vegetarians, vegans, and veg-curious”. I love that tagline because I maintain a diet low in animal products and high in plant-based foods…and I make vegetarian meals often. As fangirl of the […]